chatbots for business
launch a solution for your business in minutes
close(?) hundreds of vacancies
using a chat bot for recruiting
launch one more sales channel
chatbot sells and consults your customers
any survey and reports in minutes
chatbot interviews your employees and customers and generates reports
chatbot for recruiting
  • interviews online in the messenger
  • make an appointment with the candidate
  • remind about the interview
crm for recruiting
  • create a resume from the candidate's responses
  • helps to collect your own personnel reserve
chatbot editor allows to create a script for a new interview or update a vacancy in minutes
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chatbot for sales and consultations
  • create a chatbot in chatbot editor to consult customers and sell your products in minutes
  • and your new sales channel or hotline is already working
  • add any new products, new topics for consultation, new answers to customer questions
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chatbot for reporting and surveys
  • create in chatbot editor the survey you need in a few minutes
  • the client or employee answers the questions in the chatbot
  • in admin console you see already automatically generated reports
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create a chatbot in minutes
  • just upload the dialog to chatbot editor
  • our AI understands the meaning and creates the chat bot functionality you need
  • edit chatbot dialog, add new topics for conversations with customers and answers to users' questions
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know all about chatbot users in admin console
  • collect information about your users and their responses
  • from the user's answers, our system automatically creates the report / CV / questionnaire you need
  • make free mailing in any quantity
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crm system for recruiting
  • create own personnel reserve in a few clicks
  • crm system for recruiting automatically generate a summary of the candidate's answers
  • make free target mailing to candidates
  • using crm system for recruiting it is easy to find out at what stage each candidate
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